RIP to a Great Priest

Praying for the Repose of the Soul of my former parish priest Fr Knolly Knox CSSp who passed away last night Sep 29th 2013
“A most humble human being, Fr Knolly Knox’s life has been founded on strong moral principles and has been devoted to the service of others and the service of God.

He is one of three children of his parents, the late Hector and Juliana Knox – the others being his late brother Anselm Knox who served in World War II and his sister Electra Harris.

Fr Knolly received his early education at Rosary Boys’ and Nelson Street Boys’ RC before going on to St Mary’s College, following his successful completion of the School Exhibition.

Fr Knox was ordained at the Holy Ghost Fathers’ Missionary College in Ireland on July 15, 1951…after ordination Fr Knolly returned to Trinidad to assume a teaching position at St Mary’s College. Like other great teachers, Fr Knolly led his students to the discovery of their own wisdom by his example. His own life is directed by strong values of integrity, truth, commitment, discipline, respect for others and, most importantly, family life. These values he happily passed on to his many students over the years. “I encouraged the boys to achieve their full potential… I encouraged them to be good, responsible men; men who would contribute to improving our society, men who would make a difference to the lives of others.”

Fr Knox assumed responsibility for his first parish, St Anthony’s in Petit Valley, in 1974, following his retirement from active teaching at St Mary’s College. As the parish priest of St Anthony’s for eight years, he admits to cultivating many cherished and enduring friendships among his parishioners. He left Petit Valley parish in 1982 to become the parish priest of St John the Baptist Church in San Juan. Eight years later, in 1990, the late Archbishop Anthony Pantin reassigned him to St Anthony’s parish in Petit Valley, much to the delight of his friends and parishioners there. After spending another nine enjoyable and productive years at St Anthony’s Fr Knox was given the responsibility of parish priest of the Church of the Assumption in Maraval.

His own life, he said, was a combination of love and support from many quarters. “I am fortunate to have a lot of people to thank for my own life over the years. Foremost among them would be my parents, who supported me throughout my life and who supported perhaps the most important decision of my life; the Holy Ghost Fathers and my friends, among them my parishioners. I believe that God has put each of us here on this earth for a reason. We each need to discover what that reason is, and work toward fulfilling it, so that when we move on from this life, we would have had no regrets, but the satisfaction of knowing that we have fulfilled our duty as human beings.”(quoted from the Catholic News of Trinidad & Tobago, July 16th 2011, on the occasion of Fr. Knox's 60th Anniversary of Priestly ordination)

Fr Knox, died last night; may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in Peace and may the life and testimony of Fr. Knox in the Classroom and in the Parishes where he served, inspire many young men to follow Jesus as Spiritan Priests. Amen


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