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Dominicans In Trinidad and Tobago

Dominicans In Trinidad and Tobago.

The introduction of the New World to Europe in 1492 opened new frontier mission for the Dominicans, and as convents were closed in Europe because of religious persecution and political revolutions as the centuries rolled by, the New World became fertile grounds for the spread of the Order.

The first Dominicans arrived in Trinidad in 1513 and in 1864 six arrived with the appointment of a French Dominican, Fr Louis Joachim Gonin OP as the 4th Archbishop of Port of Spain (POS). In 1897 the Trinidad mission was passed over to the Irish Province. Until 1968 when the first native Trinidad, Fr. Anthony Pantin C.S.sp was appointed the 8th Archbishop of POS, the local church was pastured by Dominican Spirituality.

Since the 1960s the local church has come into its own ad many Dominicans have gone to the great beyond! But the country as indeed the rest of the word of God from those who contemplate in order to give to others the fruits of their contemplation.


Hi my name is Dwight Black OP a Dominican priest of the republic of Tinidad and Tobago and you are most welcome.