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Looking at the Year

Look out at the new year from the holy house.

New Years View from the balcony of Holy Cross Priory which was founded by the Irsh Dominicans in 1963 became a priory in 1968.

Christmas with the Dominicans

Every year around christmas time the Dominicans of Trinidad and Tobago celebrate their christmas dinner together at the House of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was founded 1864 and transferrred 1972 to St. Finbar's, Morne Coco Rd, Four Roads, Diego Martin, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, WI. The Friars at the meal.

Pre-meal interaction

Dinner is delicious

Vistation of the Master of the Order to Holy Cross

Pre-Christmas visit by the Master the of the Order of Preacher Fr. Carlos Alfonso Costa O.P. and Socius of Latin America and the Caribbean Fr. Javier Maria Pose O.P. to the Holy Cross Priory in Arima.

The Master with Staff member Susan Assue and twin Sons.

The Master of the Order, Sosius, members of the Holy Cross Community and Region Priory Fr. Fedi Wanner O.P.
The Master, Socius, and Holy Cross Community.

The Master and Socius at the dinning table of Holy Corss Priory.