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FOCUS ON VOCATIONS - Apr 29 God calling?

Just to say thanks

By Fr Dwight Merrick
Vocations day is here again and once more we hear the familiar cry “we need more priests”. This year however, I find myself thinking about so many people along my journey who quietly and faithfully lived out their vocations without fanfare, recognition or even appreciation. In this article therefore, I would like to suggest that maybe the call to priesthood and to the Religious life probably follows the willingness of many other people to live out well their vocations and thus dispose young people to being able to hear the master’s voice and His call. Attending St Benedict’s and then Presentation (San Fernando) College, I never had a priest for a teacher. I did have however, Bro John (now Fr Wilfred John) and Bro Michael Samuel for religion for brief stints. What I have always cherished about St Benedict’s however, was the commitment and witness of my teachers who helped put down foundations upon which I have built my life. Here were teachers wh…

Justice for Children march - Apr 29

Some one thousand persons turned out for the Justice for Children March last Sunday morning. The March began from George V Park and proceeded around the Queen’s Park Savannah and back to the park where participants were addressed by a number of speakers including Jericho Project chairman Phillip Alexander, main organiser of the event. Photo courtesy The Hub.

Joy in one's vocation encourages young people to follow suit, Pope says

The Pontiff's remarks were released in a message to the second Latin-American Continental Congress for Vocations, which is being held in Cartago, Costa Rica from Jan. 31 to Feb. 5. The first congress was organized by the Vatican and the Latin-American Confederation of Religious 17 years ago, while the current gathering is the work of bishops responsible for the pastoral care of vocations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Pope Benedict opened his message by saying that the “great task” of evangelization requires an “ever increasing number of people to respond generously to the call of God and make a lifelong commitment to the cause of the Gospel.” Because of this need, the Pope underscored that general pastoral care “must” include specific focus on vocations. “Experience shows us that, where vocational pastoral care is well planned and constantly practiced, vocations are not lacking,” he said. “God is generous, and our own commitment to vocational pastoral care in all particular …