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God or the Girl


How NOT to discern your vocation


Vocation 101: What Do You Mean by Vocation?


Come and See

Our next come and see weekend is 1st April to the 3rd April 2011. All are invited. Call 1 868 781 5865 or e mail us The venue for this come and weekend would at the Dominican Community House at St. Joesph Church St. Joesph.

The Pope and the Priesthood

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 11, 2011 ( The priesthood is not a profession, to be engaged in part-time, but a full-time and perpetual vocation, says Benedict XVI. 
The Pope affirmed this on Thursday in a traditional meeting with priests of the Diocese of Rome held annually at the beginning of Lent, Vatican Radio reported.
"One is not a priest for part of the time; we are so with our whole soul, with our whole heart," he said.
The Pontiff added that "this being with Christ and being an ambassador of Christ, this being for others is a mission that penetrates our being and must penetrate ever more the totality of our being."
The Holy Father gave an in-depth lectio divina inspired by chapter 20 of the Acts of the Apostles, in which St. Paul speaks to the elders of Ephesus.
The Pope concentrated on the meaning of service and on the fidelity that must animate the presbyter.
Service, he pointed out, requires a humility that is not an exhibition of "false modesty," …