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In Brazil

This is the official photo of the Gathering of Promoter of Dominican Life in Sao Paulo Brazil, from 27-29 September, 2013.

Praise for T&T's Priests

Pope Francis’ representative to the English, Dutch and French-speaking Caribbean territories has praised the Archdiocese of Port of Spain for its ability to produce priests worthy of becoming bishops.
Papal Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli addresses the faithful at the Episcopal ordination of Msgr Robert Llanos two Saturdays ago at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Curepe. Photo: Desmond Durham
Speaking at last week Saturday’s Episcopal ordination of Msgr Robert Llanos, Papal Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli explained to the congregation that Archbishop Joseph Harris came to him one day to make a request and also to share one of his dreams. He joked that while he didn’t have the power to fulfil dreams, he assisted with the request, which was for an auxiliary bishop. He said it was “an easy” request to satisfy since this Archdiocese has “produced many bishops for the region”.

Addressing newly-ordained Bishop Llanos, the Nuncio said: “The episcopacy must not be seen as a promotion or a position…

New Trini Bishop

Bishop Robert Llanos blesses the congregation. 

“Trinis really know how to celebrate.”Bishop Francis Alleyne of the diocese of Georgetown, Guyana – one of five T&T bishops present – effectively summed up for many the mood at last week Saturday’s Mass of Episcopal ordination for Vicar General Msgr Robert Llanos, now the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain.

That mood was distinctly enhanced by the well-rehearsed choir and music ministry conducted by Winston Garcia. Many could be seen tapping their feet or nodding their heads to the varied rhythms, from the purely African to East Indian and Caribbean influences. The choir comprised members of Jubilee Singers, People of Praise, Living Water Community and GRACE.
More than ten current and former bishops of Antilles Episcopal Conference territories were present, as well as Papal Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli. Two bishops of other Christian Churches participated in the entrance procession: Abuna Thaddeus, Archbishop for …

The Holy Father Receives the Master of the Order

On Monday the 9th of September 2013 the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cadoré, had a private audience with Pope Francis at the Apostolic Palace. This was the first direct contact between Brother Bruno and Pope Francis who was elected as Bishop of Rome on the 13th of March 2013.
Brother Bruno was warmly welcome by the Holy Father with all the normal protocol of a papal audience. Earlier in the summer the Master had written to the Pope to tell him about the general chapter of Trogir and Pope Francis had replied, through the Secretary of State, offering his best wishes for the chapter. This meeting was a chance for Brother Bruno to thank the Pope for his good wishes and to thank him also for the apostolic blessing which he had imparted to the Chapter and to the whole Dominican Family. It was an opportunity for the Master to speak with the Pope about the discussions and decisions of the Trogir Chapter, and to present him with a copy of its Acts.
The Master spoke about the Order’s desire…

The Ninth Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago

As of Saturday, September 14, Archbishop Joseph Harris would have ordained two bishops – but is yet to preside at a priestly ordination.

Archbishop Harris was due to be the principal consecrator at Saturday’s Episcopal ordination of Msgr Robert Llanos as Auxiliary Bishop of Port of Spain. It would have been his second time in that role in the two years he has been a bishop – the first coming just one week after his own Episcopal ordination, when he had to step in for Archbishop Edward Gilbert at the ordination of Msgr Jason Gordon as Bishop of Bridgetown and Kingstown. The date – September 14 – also marked the second anniversary of the Episcopal ordination of Fr Joseph Harris as Coadjutor Archbishop of Port of Spain, and so he and Auxiliary Bishop Robert Llanos will now share an anniversary.
However, the new Auxiliary Bishop is to be addressed as “Your Lordship”, as distinct from “Your Grace”, which is used for the Archbishop. And, since “Monsignor” is an honorary title, he retains it as…

Let the boy become a priest

Kyle Redhead and the girls with whom he made his First Communion gather for a group photograph with Fr Karuna Kumar MSFS at St Paul’s Chapel, Hardbargain.On September 1, for the first time in many years, St Paul’s Chapel, Hardbargain, hosted the celebration of First Communion. Six girls and one boy received the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

The seven children, immaculately dressed in white, were addressed directly by Fr Karuna Kumar MSFS, chief celebrant and parish priest, during his homily. He also had a message for their parents: “Please parents, do not make your children orphans to Jesus. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends Mass and receives the Holy Eucharist.”
At the end of Mass, as the children eagerly went forward to receive their tokens, Fr Kumar posed this question to the only boy, Kyle Redhead: “Do you want to be a priest?” He replied “yes”. Fr Kumar then told the six girls to leave Kyle alone so that he could be a priest. This brought loud laughter …

Congrats to Bro Jesse Maingot OP

We here at Dominican Vocations of Trinidad and Tobago give thanks to God for bring our beloved brother Jesse Maingot OP through his Noviciate to his First Profession. Jesse Congrats and may God continually bless you. We are praying for you.

Trini Among Newly Professed

Four of our brothers who have completed their novitiate made first profession in Saint Mary's Dominican priory church in Pope's Quay, Cork today (September 15th, 2013). The brothers Matthew Farrell, Philip Mulryne, Jesse Maingot (from Trinidad and Tobago) and Michael (Ronan) O Dubhghaill joined the novitiate last year and are now taking their first steps as professed Dominicans.

It is a day of great joy for the Irish Dominicans as these men take this important step in their lives and rounds off a happy weekend for the Irish Dominican province. These brothers will soon move on to our studentate in Saint Saviour's Dublin to begin their studies in philosophy and theology.

Fr Gregory Carroll OP (prior provincial) presided at the profession ceremony during the 11.00 am conventual Mass and in his homily reminded the newly professed brothers of their task of becoming preachers depended on their life of prayer, study and living in community. As always, you are asked to keep these b…


The greatest vocation is simply to be a Christian, and this is given to us at our baptism. If
we die young, or we don’t discover a more specific Christian vocation, then we should not
feel that we have wasted our life, or that our life is unfinished or unfulfilled. But many
people are called to a more specific vocation as Christians: to marriage; to the
priesthood; to the permanent diaconate; to ‘consecrated life’ as a monk or nun, as a
religious brother or sister, or as a consecrated single person living in the world.
The normal way that God calls us to a particular vocation is through the deepest desires
of our heart. So if we have had a deep and lasting desire to do one thing (e.g. to get
married), and if we have never had a deep or lasting desire to do something else (e.g. to
become a priest or religious brother or sister), then that is a fairly good indication that
something is for us (in this case marriage).
It may be very clear to you which vocation you feel called to. If it is…

Leading By Example


In This Sign


Tools of the trade


Eight student brothers renew profession

Eight of our student brothers renewed simple profession today (September 13th, 2013) in Saint Saviour's Dominican priory in Dublin. The rite of renewal of profession took place during the Office of Readings and Midday prayer. All eight brothers renewed profession in the hands of the prior provincial Fr Gregory Carroll OP. Please continue to pray for all our student brothers who continue on the path of initial formation and for vocations to the friars of the Irish Dominican province.

Local Catholic Church In Barbados records milestone


By Kerri Gooding
History was made yesterday as Barbadian Sister Cheryl Cumberbatch, took her final vows and was presented to her community – the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, her family, friends and well-wishers. This was the first time for such a ceremony to be observed for a Barbadian in many years.

The Perpetual Profession of Sister Cheryl Cumberbatch was held at her parish, Our Lady Queen of the Universe Catholic Church in Black Rock under Celebrant Bishop Jason Gordon. 
Thirteen Sisters from the St. Joseph of Cluny community received Sister Cheryl with warm embraces as she pledged to be resolute with the help of God’s grace and with the aid of the Holy Spirit to strive constantly for the perfect love of God and to bring to completion the good work begun in her.
Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, Sister Juliana Alexander, commenced the Mass by quoting The Mother General and Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny, Blessed…

From Today Trinity TV Goes 24/7


Meet Fr. Thomas Lawson OP

Name: Thomas Lawson OP
Date of Ordination: July 2, 1973
Fr Thomas Lawson OP was born in Ireland and baptised on the feast of St Thomas Aquinas (Jan 28), a renowned Dominican and a Doctor of the Church. Thus began the journey which would lead him to eventually become a member of the Dominican Order.
He is the youngest of four children born to James and Mary Alice. Religion was a focal point for the family. Mr Lawson attended Mass daily on his way to work and took his children every evening to the Dominican church for Rosary and Benediction. This atmosphere nurtured in them a deep love for their Catholic faith.

Fr Tom attended a Dominican primary school and went on to a secondary school run by the De La Salle Order (French). He had an avid interest in accountancy and a knack for mental calculations. As a student he worked on Saturdays in the office of a Turf Accountant. Because of his ability, accountancy was the expected career path for him to take, but at the age of 18, Fr Tom responded t…

Meet Fr. Ferdinand Warner OP

“If I had to choose again to be a priest, I would choose again to be a priest…I really enjoy my priesthood!” These were the words of Fr Ferdinand Warner OP, fondly known to those around him as Fr Ferdi while sitting in the veranda of the St Joseph’s presbytery looking out at the beautiful view that includes the St Joseph’s river and Mt St Benedict. Fr Ferdi, the last of seven children, hails from Cedros. He says that from a very young age, he had the desire to become a priest and therefore always involved himself in Church-based activities. This was in addition to his community life at home which is much different from community life today. “We always did things together, if we had to go home, it was to do chores and come back out.”
His Church-based activities included involvement in altar servers and youth groups within his parish. His home was a Catholic home and therefore his family went to Mass together every weekend, observed the liturgical seasons and was very involved in their pa…

September 5th anniversary of friends and BENEFACTORS order of preachers (op)

Evangelical poverty beloved by our father St. Domingo as a safeguard of the preaching of the order, makes that we count with precious of so many people that accompany us in our Evangelical task with their friendship and their real friendship and help.
All they want to recall with appreciation in this anniversary by this celebration in which we meet our friends and benefactors deceased, which for various reasons were United with the order.

Our Lady Protect Us


Priestly Vocation a Challenge for Pope Francis

Priestly vocations a challenge for Pope Francis By : The Associated Press
RIO DE JANEIRO — Camilo Sandoval says he faces the choice of a lifetime: He can study engineering in college or he can devote himself to the church. The 17-year-old from Chile is among the multitude of fervent Roman Catholics who have come to Brazil for the church's World Youth Day, and Pope Francis' success in drawing such youths toward the priesthood could be crucial to an institution that is starving for clergy to serve its growing congregations. "I'm thinking about being a priest," Sandoval said after arriving at Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome, where much of the Youth Day celebrations will be held. "I feel fulfilled when I participate in vocation days; there is a closeness to God that attracts me. But I haven't decided." All too many Catholics, from the church's perspective, have chosen the secular path. Nearly 25 percent of the world's paris…

Fr. Mc Lawrence Celebrates Ten Years of Priesthood

Fr Gregory McLawrence CSSp with the lay ministers of St Theresa’s.The parish of St Theresa’s in Rio Claro sang lustily the refrain “Praise to the Lord, Praise Him” on July 7 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of priestly ordination of Parish Priest Fr Gregory McLawrence CSSp. Joining us for the celebration was the Formation Director of the Holy Ghost Fathers, Fr Ashton Pierre.
In his homily, Fr Pierre thanked God for Fr McLawrence and reminded the gathering that labourers in the harvest must be committed to putting God first. He said there was a priest shortage partly because the faithful were not encouraging their sons to become priests. He added that stewardship was about getting involved in the work of the kingdom of God. Fr Pierre said people should not get excited when they were able to perform great works but should just do what was necessary to ensure that their names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He said the faithful were invited to give God their best, adding that G…

Priest Celebrate Milestone

Frs Bob and Michael Barrow celebrate their 50thanniversary Mass.

In Guyana two English-born brothers, both Jesuit priests, celebrated their golden anniversary of priestly ordination last month. Frs Bob and Michael Barrow celebrated 50 years of priesthood on July 31.
They gathered with friends and well-wishers at Jesuit House, Queenstown, to celebrate the milestone anniversary and also the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of the Jesuits.

Fr Bob first came to Guyana in early 1966 and worked as a teacher at St Stanislaus College. He left this job in 1974 when he was elected Regional Superior of the Jesuits in Guyana. When his term ended he did parish work at Sacred

Heart, Port Mourant and Plaisance. He now lives at Jesuit House.
Fr Michael, who did most of his priestly work in his homeland, is now stationed in Barbados but traveled to Guyana for the celebration.

Put Others First Just Like Santa Rosa

MODELLING our lives after saints like Santa Rosa De Lima challenges us “to put others first says Archbishop Joseph Harris, chief celebrant at last Sunday’s annual feast day Mass and procession in the parish that bears her name, Santa Rosa, Arima. The patronal feast day is August 23 and the celebration is usually held the Sunday closest to this date.

Archbishop Joseph Harris and Arima parish priest Msgr Allan Ventour receive the gifts during the feast day Mass at Santa Rosa RC Church. Presenting one of the gifts is President of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Ricardo Bharat- Hernandez. Photos Raymond SymsRicardo Bharat-Hernandez and other representatives of the Santa Rosa First Peoples accompany the statue of Santa Rosa De Lima through the streets of Arima in the annual feast day procession last Sunday.A snapshot of the 2013 Santa Rosa street procession in Arima.