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O Lumen


Dominican Salve Regina and O Lumen Ecclesiae


St. Dominic de Guzman: Lumen Ecclesiae


Hymn to St Peter



Archbishop Gilbert on the Conscreated Life


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Newly Apointed Regional Prior

We the Dominicans of Trinidad and Tobago congratulate Fr. Michael Lawrence Hayden on his appointment as the Regional Prior of the Irish Vicariate of Trinidad and Tobago.

Fr. Micheal was born on 17th November, 1940. He was professed on 14th Apri, 1959 and was ordained 26th June, 1977. He served in many parishes in Trinidad and Tobago. he is a member of our community in St. Finbars and give classes to the laity at our Dominican School there.

Once more we congratulate you Fr. Hayden.

Blessed Constantius of Fabriano

Feburary 24
Friar and Priest

Bron at Fabriano at the beginning of the fifteenth century, he received the Dominican habit at the age of fifteen. He was noted for his austere and prayerful life, as well as his efforts in promoting peace. As prior at Fabriano, at Perugia, and at Ascoli he labored to restore regular life. He died at Ascoli on February 24, 1481.

Visit of Our Provincial

We of the Irish Vicariate hear in Trinidad and Tobago was full of joy due to the visitation of our provincial fr. Pat Lucy.

Diary - Places Visited and People Met
Wednesday, 26 January:
On arrival at Piarco Airport, Port of Spain, Ben Moran and I were met by Tom Lawson who drove us to St Finbar’s, Diego Martin. There we were greeted by Karol Wielgosz as well as John O’Connor and Tim Calvert, both of the Province of England, who were on a pastoral visit to Grenada and Trinidad.
Thursday, 27 January:
Before lunch we were brought on a tour of St Dominic’s Pastor Centre by Tom Lawson and the manager, Karen Montbrun, and we had the finances of the centre and the community detailed for us by Karen Yetming. In the afternoon I had discussions separately with Michael Hayden and Karol Wielgosz.
Friday, 28 January:
In the morning I met with the superior of the community, Tom Lawson. In the afternoon I had an appointment with the Archbishop of Port of Spain, Dr Edward Gilbert.
Saturday, 29 January:
At 1…