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Celebrating St.Dominic

The feast of St.Dominic will be celebrated on Sunday 8th August 2010 at the Rosary Monastery. The celebration will include the singing of vespers beginning at 4:00pm
followed by light refreshments. All members of the Dominican Family are encouraged to participate.
Tridum In Preparation For
The Feast of
St. Dominc.

Venue: St. Joseph’s R.C. Church, St. Joseph.
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm.
Dates: Wednesday 4th August to Friday 6th August, 2010.
Topic: Spirituality & Dominican Spirituality.

Format: Song 6:00pm
Talk 6:10pm
Feedback 7:00pm
Prayer 7:20pm
Refreshments 7:30pm
Departure 8:00pm

Wednesday: Fr. Ferdinand Warner OP

Thursday: Sr. Debbie Ramdhanie OP
Spirituality of St. Catherine of Siena.

Friday: Fr. Ferdinand Warner OP
Spirituality of St. Dominic.