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Feast of St. Matthew, 2009

As we gather tonight to begin our new academic year on the feast of St.Matthew, during this the year of th priest; while for us in Dublin we are also celebrating the year of Evangelization and finally for us Dominicans during this year when we are celebrating St.Dominic preacher of grace. How can I tie all of these things together? Sts.Matthew and Dominic, Priest and evangeliztion, Dominicans and study!

As always it is good to begin with Sacred Scripture. The Gospel of today's feast speaks of the calling of Matthew. Our calling, yours and mine vocation is the very environment in which we have most in common, all of us have been called by Christ, was not given only once, it is the very atmosphere in which we are called to live out our lives. We did not simply receive a vocation, 60,50, 40, 10, or 2 years ago. The very essence of our vocation is that the Lord continues to call us. He is now calling us to listen to his voice, to get up and follow him.

To quote…

Praise Be To God

On the 14th of September, The feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, history was created. The location of the this historical event took place in the church of the Dominican Community, St Mary's, Pope's Quay, Cork, Ireland. What was this historical event? This historical event was that after many years of a trick of novices into the Irish Dominican novitiate thirteen men were received. Among these thirteen men was one Trinibagoian Mr. Stephen Jones of St James, Port of Spain.

Stephen Jones before receiving the habit

Connor and Stephen prostrate

Stephen Clothing

Clothing Continued

13 Men who received the Habit

Irish Trinibago Posy (Bro. Matthew, Maria, Bro. Stephen).

Fr. Dwight Black OP, Bro. Stephen Jones and Bro. Matthew Martinez OP

Fr. Dwight Black OP, Bro. Stephen, Fr. Thomas Lawson.

Footage of this event can be viewed here