Fr. Mc Lawrence Celebrates Ten Years of Priesthood

Fr Gregory McLawrence CSSp with the lay ministers of St Theresa’s.
Fr Gregory McLawrence CSSp with the lay ministers of St Theresa’s.
The parish of St Theresa’s in Rio Claro sang lustily the refrain “Praise to the Lord, Praise Him” on July 7 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of priestly ordination of Parish Priest Fr Gregory McLawrence CSSp. Joining us for the celebration was the Formation Director of the Holy Ghost Fathers, Fr Ashton Pierre.
In his homily, Fr Pierre thanked God for Fr McLawrence and reminded the gathering that labourers in the harvest must be committed to putting God first. He said there was a priest shortage partly because the faithful were not encouraging their sons to become priests. He added that stewardship was about getting involved in the work of the kingdom of God. Fr Pierre said people should not get excited when they were able to perform great works but should just do what was necessary to ensure that their names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He said the faithful were invited to give God their best, adding that God has set aside a task for each person. He encouraged the faithful to pray that God would reveal that task to them and that they would gladly take it up.
Our celebration ended with a presentation to Frs McLawrence and Pierre, the distribution of certificates to our Lay Ministers, a special song by the choir – “My God Is Awesome”, and a toast. Yes, there was also cake.
May we all be able to give Fr McLawrence a 10th anniversary gift of full involvement in the church. We must own it and do all that is necessary to build “our church”. May we find it in our hearts to say “yes” to God, and may God continue to use Fr McLawrence in a powerful way.


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