Archbishop: Build the habit of prayer in your lives

“This world [and] our nation would only change when each one of us begins to live the values of the kingdom - justice, peace, love, harmony. When we begin to live these values in our homes, in our workplaces, in our places of recreation, then the kingdom begins to come into being.”

This was the teaching put forward to members of the local arm of the Global Apostleship of Prayer by Archbishop Joseph Harris, chief celebrant at the group’s annual Mass and rally last Sunday at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Curepe.

He noted, “Since not one of us is perfect, all of us [will] take time before we can begin to live the values of the kingdom. It is something we have to be working at day after day.” Therefore, “we can either facilitate the coming of the kingdom by the speed with which we begin to make the values of the kingdom the habits by which we live, or we can be obstacles to the coming the kingdom by [our] refusal to make the values of the kingdom the habits by which we live”.

Archbishop Harris said, “Since every human being is a creature of habit” and “the predominant habit in our lives defines us” then if the predominant values in our lives are the values of the kingdom of God, then we will be known as kingdom people.

His Grace further noted in his homily that “a kingdom person would love as Christ loves,” therefore, “to love as Christ loves us, means putting aside the selfishness in our lives [and] learning to put others first.”

The only way we can do that is by putting God first through “building the habit of prayer in [our] lives. When you build the habit of prayer in your life, God will give you the graces that you need to love as His Son showed us. If all of us live the values of the kingdom, then I can assure you slowly but surely, we would see crime decrease, we would see more love in our land, we would be loving as Christ loves us.”

Before Mass, a prayer session for an increase in vocations was led by concelebrant and Apostleship of Prayer spiritual director Fr Michael Makhan and assisting deacons, including Reverends Cy Moore, Derek Walcott, Jeffrey Supersad and Malcom Joab. – CN reporter


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