St. Louis Bertrand

October 9
Friar and Priest

St. Louis was born in Valencia, spain, on January 1, 1526, and in 1544 entered the Order against the wishes of his parents. He came to so exemplify the ideals of Dominican life that he was appointed master of novices. Combining an austere life with zeal for spreading the gospel, he asked to be sent to the fartheast parts of the Americas and in 1562 was sent to what is now Colombia. He was given the gift of communicating with the Indians in their own tongues and withn the encouragement of Bartolomeo de Las Casas defended their rights against the Spanish conquerors.
He returned to Spain in 1569 and again assumed the position of master of novices. He died at Valencia on October 9, 1581. St. Louis is the patron of novitiates and formation personnel.


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