Sr. Abbott OP recieves Final Profession

A Dominican sister of St Catherine of Siena, Sr. Aluna Abbott OP, received final profession today 2nd October, 2010 at her home parish St. John the Evangelist RC Church Diego Martin and a reception in her honor was held at the Marian Hall Holy Name Convent Port Of Spain, Trinidad.

In the homily of this celebration Archbishop Gilbert Congratulated Sr. Abbott on this milestone event. This profession is a show of gradual up-building of vocation in the archdiocese.

For the Religious is the sign of God's presence on earth. This is done thought their vows(poverty, chastity, and obedience)while living as it dictated through their constitution. This constitutional frame work sets the stage also for the community life of the group.

Religious life, he added, is a radical way living our baptism promise. This radicality calls one into a deep sense of radical commitment. His is why for him out of the three vows obedience is the hardness of all because it means that one has giving up their freedom to the work of the community.

He admitted that at age 45 to 60 people tend to loose their sense of commitment. This occurred because people did not radically live out their commitment. The only way to leave through this period is to be serious about their commitment.

In ending he called Sr. Abbott to stay committed to the call that God gave to her in the good times and bad time and she surly would reap the rewards that the religious life promised her. God bless you Sr. Aluna Abbott.


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