St. Matthew Called By Jesus Christ To Conversion.

St. Matthew apostle and evangelist stands out as of of the four pillars of Christianity. He was a "Tax Collector". In the early days of Jesus' ministry tax collectors or publicans as they are affectionately called in the Bible more so the New Testament were labeled as enemies of the Jewish people. This was so because people say them as greedy and take money from them more than they were entitled to.

This issue always amazes me because looking a the life of St. Matthew we see a complete turn away from his previous state of life. One who was blinded by greed and money now becomes the preacher of the Good News through a life of poverty. What happened there? It is also remarkable that through his conversion he was able to win the souls of other tax collectors and his friends to the one who saves, Jesus Christ.

Today many do not or may not believe in the conversion of others as was the case of St. Matthew, but we are called to hope that these situations came occur. Jesus continue to call people to like he did in the days of St. Matthew. Tax Collector now apostle and evangelist. With God anything is possible. St. Matthew pray for us.


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