A Persistent Voice

A vocation to be a Dominican can begin with this whisper of a persistent voice within. At time most would like this voice to go away. This voice like a favorite tune in the mind stay with us like a leach. Some of us are afraid of the voice and it may take a long time for us to tell this to someone else. The person we would most like hesitate to tell this to is our mother or father. This may be because we may think that telling then may hurt them. So candidate tell their parents when the "coast is clear." They may also wish that it blow away and it never does.

A wide spectrum of responses can come from those who tell about this persistent Voice. Many may claim that they had some inclination of this fact. Some on the other hand may be astonished and not supportive. The majority of parents are displeased. This can be the reason for the late information by candidates.

In view of these occurrences candidates begin to debate in there their minds and with others about this situation. Am I going to act on this voice or not. All this service to limit the mind to make a choice. If they do not act the voice move form a whisper to a shout. This voice animates the candidate into the Dominican life to priesthood/brotherhood, ministry and beyond. One never get rid of this whispering voice. To solve this problem one need to act on this voice and become a Dominican. One may find out that Dominican may not be the choice or go some where else. It is not for us not to listen to the voice of God.


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