Is It For Me?

By Fr. Michael Kissanne, O.Carm,

As Vocation director, I have come to realize that one persistent question that seems to arise in the heart and soul of each candidate I work with is: "Is this for me?" This is a good question for a suggest vocation prospects think and pray about the following questions. It would also be helpful to discuss them with a spiritual director.
1. Have I experienced God's love in my life?
2. Do I feel good about myself?
3. Do I easily adapt to changing situations in my life?
4. Do I actively practice the Catholic faith?
5. Do I participate in my parish?
6. Does the gospel message excite me?
7. Am I looking for a way to share my gifts and talents with others?
8. Do I desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?
9. Am I willing to offer my life for the mission of Jesus Christ and the Church?
10. Do I working with people and do I get along with men and women from all walks of life?
11. Do I want to make a positive difference in the lives of others?
12. Do I sense a call from God to some specific walk of life?

If you can answer the above questions in the affirmative, the life of a religious may be for you!


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